I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and I am always proud to say that! So am I Husker fan? Yes, loyal and devout! Do I like Runzas? Absolutely, I even worked there throughout my high school years. Why live somewhere with such harsh winters? I hate the cold, but love the seasons. Plus, it makes us tougher. I realize I may be considered a cliche Nebraskan, but I am totally okay with that!


I attended Burke High School where I played soccer and was a competitive diver! After high school I headed east to pursue a broadcast journalism degree and to play for the women’s soccer team at Western Illinois University.


After graduating in 2009 I moved back to Omaha and soon entered the workforce. I started out in news working at KETV as an associate producer for the weekend morning shows. After that I was an editor and production assistant at a smaller adverting agency in town. Nowadays, I’m currently producing all the video and photography content at a company called Proxibid.


In addition to my full-time work I am also a freelance photographer, videographer, editor and animator. So that’s where I hope YOU come into the equation! If you’re looking for video or photo services I’d love to hear from you to see if I can help!


Over the years I’ve developed a love for photography, videography and animation. I realize those are all professions in and of themselves, but I could never pick between which one I liked best, so I’ve kind of become a jack of all trades. Some people frown upon that strategy because they say you never become a master at anything by trying to do everything. They may be right, but I’ve always been a curious person that wants try it all, and not box myself into one niche profession.

Aside from being able to express myself creatively through these different mediums, what I love most is telling someone’s story. Snapping an image to preserve the memories for new loves, families and individuals. Then there are those instances when you have this thing, this idea, this product or service that is a struggle to explain or come up with visuals to show. That’s where the world of illustration and animation becomes just the right ticket on how to share and tell your story.

Videography 80%
2-D Animation 75%
Photography 65%
Copywriting 75%

Paige Stark Photo + Video